Benefits of Paid Time Off

Offering paid time off (PTO) to your employees often pays dividends for the employer in the form of the employees’ physical and mental health, attitudes toward work, and productivity.

Disconnecting from work, especially from a stressful or demanding job, will afford your team member a welcome break from their daily routine, allowing them the chance to rest, relax, and enjoy!

Hopefully, when they return, they will have gained a more relaxed demeanor, be more productive, and be happier!

Remind (and even insist that) employees take advantage of PTO and that, if they don’t, it could cost them.

For example, if your company has a “Use It or Lose It” policy, your employees are losing a percentage of their salary by not using their PTO, as this benefit is already built into their salary. [optinlocker]

Not offering PTO (or employees not utilizing PTO) can cost your company and team in other ways too – employees who are overworked and stressed eventually get burned out.

Productivity can decrease, and they may lose interest or passion for their job.  This can have numerous negative effects, including missing work because of illness, and lack of creativity and innovation.

PTO can be a cost-effective way to improve employee morale and production.  Ensure your team understands your company’s PTO policy and takes advantage of it when they can.

By Judy Wisniewski | People Science Talent Advisor [/optinlocker]


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