Beyond LinkedIn: How to use Social Media in your Recruitment Strategy

We all know about the power of LinkedIn when it comes to recruiting. With it’s millions of users, it’s a great way to source candidates and open the lines of communication. For many talent acquisition teams, their use of social media in their recruitment strategy starts and ends with LinkedIn. But there are other ways social media can be leveraged in your recruitment strategy; you just have to look in the right place.

TikTok has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Millions of people across the world use TikTok and no, it’s not just kids making dance videos. In fact, 52.6% of TikTok users are over age 30; these are adults who use TikTok for entertainment, education, news – pretty much anything that can be in video form. You may use TikTok for your business marketing but it’s time to realize that it can also be leveraged for recruiting. That’s right – this powerhouse app can not only reach potential customers but potential employees as well. Have a high-volume position that you can’t seem to get enough candidates for? Have your team make a TikTok outlining the job description in a compelling way and you’re sure to get candidates lined out the door. TikTok is a great way to spread your open positions to the masses and reach potential candidates across the world.

Social media has also opened the door for like-minded people to come together, especially with evolution of Facebook and LinkedIn groups. As a side effect of this, your organization can find niche demographics of people with never seen before ease. Trying to recruit marketing professionals in Houston? There’s a Facebook group for that. Looking for recent STEM grads for an internship? There’s a group for that. You can find groups for almost any niche group of people for positions you may be looking to fill. However, when engaging with these groups, it’s important to interact in the right way. It’s better to join the conversation and add value to the group before promoting any positions you have. Once you are entrenched in the community, you are more likely to get a better response when you finally advertise your positions.

When talking about social media, it’s important to consider the way it can affect the perception of you brand. Not only for potential customers, but for potential employees. 82% of job seekers consider employer brand and reputation before applying for a job – social media is a major factor in that. Candidates want to know that your company has values that align with theirs and that you care about your employees. So, take that into account when you’re doing your social media planning. Employee spotlights, photos of company events, and diversity and inclusion statements need to be a top priority when you’re posting. Your brand and company values should be on full display and with commitment, you can attract great talent.

LinkedIn rules the recruiting world but there are other platforms and ways to use social media to fill your open positions. Getting top talent sometimes requires going outside the box and hopefully the above can help your recruiting efforts.


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