Keeping it Flexible in Recruiting

Recruiting and hiring decisions are based on people, and people have multiple priorities to juggle.  Flexibility should occur in the hiring process both for candidates and for companies. There are important considerations that need to be taken when being flexible.

  • It may be necessary to change a plan for an interview. This change can happen due to either the candidate or the company. When this happens, try to provide an explanation and also provide as much notice as possible.
  • Hiring dates may need flexibility. Many companies have set start dates that they need to stick to for onboarding processes, and there is always a push for earlier start dates to boost productivity and get the employee in place faster. The other side of this is that future employees may require some time in between leaving an old position and starting a new position, companies also need to be respectful of time requests as much as possible.
  • When planning an interview, a company may need to change interviewers at the last moment. It is important to keep the candidate updated on changes. Who will they be meeting with? For how long?

With enough careful thought and planning, we can keep people’s happiness in mind during the hiring process. This is an important two way street for both the company and for the candidate. We need to remember that people are people and people have changing needs and desires.

It is also important to remember that a change in plans doesn’t mean a company or candidate is unprofessional or not the right fit.

By Melissa Steele | People Science Talent Advisor I


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