The Race to Recruitment Before the Holiday’s

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means hiring managers, recruiters and candidates are taking paid time off to spend with family. Calendars are busy and holiday parties are happening. But how do you make sure interviews and hires are made before vacation is taken?

Make a plan for yourself, as a recruiter in order to ensure you have the job description down pat for the open position needing to be filled you need to constantly follow up on emails, make calls and one on ones with managers. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and prioritize time by setting up screens with candidates and onsite interviews with the hiring managers before they leave.

It can be a difficult process especially if calendars are packed, parties are being planned and potential candidates are traveling. Try to set up a time whether it’s via phone, Skype or in-person to discuss the backgrounds and resumes of the candidates, and who is moving forward. This will not only expedite the hiring process but can get an applicant set to start in the new year.

By Jessica Shields | People Science Processor


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