Submitting an Application and Resume- Redundant or Essential?

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Many applicants don’t understand the need of filling out an application when their resume has already been submitted to the recruiter for review of a specific position. What is the need to fill out the application anyway? All the pertinent information is already laid out in front of me in lucid format, right? Not always.

There are actually a multitude of reasons why the application is an important piece to review prior to an interview request. As much as the application is additional paperwork to overview and file, as well as repetitive information the candidate has to provide, the application serves many functions that are easily overseen. The application weeds out devoted candidates from ones those are questionable about the position. If you want a position you will follow the means necessary to acquire it, and will take the time to fill out the application accordingly. The application can also judge an applicant’s ability to follow directions. The application is our company’s official paperwork for a hire and can suffice many legal conditions. It may contain an oath the information provided is true or personal information such as a social security number so that a background check can be run.

An application is an opportunity to provide detailed information I am looking for. Standard resumes present information in a chronological order beginning with present experience. If I am reviewing a resume and looking for direct management names and numbers for a reference check or experience from a while back; a resume alone may not include that. From a salary stand point, it’s a huge advantage to ask for starting and final salary on an application as well as a minimum salary a candidate is willing to accept for the position they are applying for because it provides another level of qualification. If a candidate is requesting much more than the position is offering without the necessary experience to back it up, the candidate can be removed from the pool. The application also serves as a comparison tool. Information on a resume should match that of which is provided on an application. Any inconsistencies may raise eyebrows and can be subject to further inquiry. Honesty is best on an application. It’s important to also provide only the information requested, you don’t want to impart everything you have to offer on an application and leave nothing to speak about during an interview.

In hindsight, the purpose for the application may be trivial to the candidate but what is important is that you have to fill out the application to be considered for the job. Applications filled out properly can aid in landing a face to face interview. What’s one more piece of paperwork when perusing a candidate that is valuable?

By Jaclyn Gallo | People Science Talent Advisor – Sourcing Specialist


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