Recruiting Challenges: Getting to “Yes”

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As a recruiter, you speak with hundreds of people a month and see thousands of resumes in your search for the right candidate. We all know that is just the tip of the iceberg; the real challenge begins with trying to get the dialogue started, learning about the candidate’s background, explaining the company and role you are offering, and finally, once you decide the candidate is the perfect fit, convincing them to make the move.

Whether you are meeting someone for the first time, you are a sales representative, or you are a recruiter, the first ten to fifteen seconds of your conversation are crucial to make a good first impression and convince that individual you have something interesting to say worth their time.

But first, let’s take a step back for second before you make that call.  It’s important to believe that what you are offering is an excellent opportunity for that particular individual. Understanding the role, the company, the value of the opportunity and the need of your client is important to be well-versed on and speak to.

Now, if you have gotten past those first vital seconds and have built enough curiosity that the person begins to ask questions allowing you to give them more information about the opportunity, you are on the right track! Although providing the candidate with information on the role and company is vital, it is always good to understand their needs and what is most important to them. This will allow you to fill in the selling points you have learned about the role itself. Remember, this part of the process is your time to convince them the role not only relates to the experience they already have but can benefit them in many ways. The benefits can vary from financial, to enhancing the skill set they already have, building to their resume – the list goes on and varies from one candidate to the next.

When you are reaching the end of your conversation this is your last shot to reel the person in to say yes and move forward. This is where you address their concerns so preparation is key to counter and completely convince the person it is worth moving forward. Everyone has their different methods and strategies to get to this part of the process and sometimes everything goes smoothly. Whether you are starting out as a recruiter or a veteran, a good portion of the people you speak with will be on the fence of whether the opportunity you discussed is worth them moving forward but do not give up.

Being prepared by thoroughly understanding the needs of your clients and what they are looking for before the recruitment process begins is key.  When you truly find that candidate that would be the perfect fit, make a great first impression, be able to speak to your client’s needs, and what they are looking to build trust with the candidate.  More than likely this will help make the candidate’s decision to move forward easier.

By Vincent Buontempo | People Science Talent Advisor II – Recruiter


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