Making Time for the Employee Value Proposition



Being proactive in recruitment can be a challenge.  The daily fires that need to be put out often overwhelm the week and those “would be nice to do’s” get pushed to the back burner.

Throughout my experience in Talent Acquisition I have learned there are several of those “would be nice to do’s” that are definitely worth setting the time aside for – even during the busiest of weeks.  The top one on my mind lately is truly understanding what the Employee Value Proposition is for your company/client while making sure you use it as a marketing tool as you work diligently towards securing the highest quality talent available.

Let’s say your client already has an executed EVP – sweet!  Now that take EVP and blend it really well into your recruitment strategy!  Does the verbiage in the job postings reflect the EVP? Do the graphics give the candidate the same feeling?  If not, take 30 minutes to revamp and incorporate those points into your marketing pieces and job postings.  And don’t forget to talk it up and engage candidates over the phone.  Sharing is caring. [optinlocker]

Not even enough time to have an EVP yet?  No worries!  The EVP’s are usually already there.  You just need to document them and confirm them.  Pull together a sample of employees for a 30-minute focus group and ask them what made them join and what makes them stay with their employer.  Not time for a focus group, even a quick online anonymous survey can get you the same information.   Employees always appreciate being asked for feedback, and what they end up sharing with you can be invaluable as you create new recruitment marketing ideas and strategies.   Most importantly, ensure you gain buy-in from Sr. Leadership and stakeholders on the EVP.  You need them to champion it and believe in it as well!

Take the time to understand and execute the EVP.  One that is well thought out can be a huge boost to your recruitment strategy.  Take advantage of what makes your client great and spread the word!

By Jessica Oberto | People Science Director of Process Engineering [/optinlocker]


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