Why that grim job post is making your life so difficult

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Everyone knows the tried and true tips to use when posting your ads to get the most traction. Concise job titles, keywords, and straight forward facts.

I don’t agree with any of that. You need to make your job post stand out, you need to be creative.

Catch their eye. Job postings are a marketing tool. You want to excite your potentials but the excitement doesn’t need to be fueled by the perks of the position. ‘Now Hiring! Pharmaceutical Sales Rep position available with great bonus structure’ may catch some people’s attention, but a witty job post such as ‘Ever sold drugs? Pharmaceutical Sales’ is not only going to engage but excite your potential candidates to enquire further. Getting the RIGHT candidates attention is half the battle. Using popular buzz words to captivate your audience is not the same as creatively making sense of who and what you are looking for in an employee.

You need to strike a nerve with the candidate pool you are targeting. No one’s attention will be attained with a mundane post. Don’t get me wrong, pertinent information is absolutely a necessity in your ad. If you don’t have clear requirements and a detailed description there’s no doubt you will get a lot of responses from candidates who have zero qualifications. That just wastes everyone’s time. However, your job post should be written to appeal to the candidates that are going to bring value to your organization, captivate those who are passionate about what they do. Don’t just provide a textbook outline of the position hitting the HR and legal requirements.

Be Strategic. Know where to advertise. The top job search engines are a staple in today’s recruiting but being inventive and finding untapped talent pools while reaching different demographics will keep you a step ahead of your competition. Know who you’re looking for and where you might find them.

Your job post is not a job description; it is a marketing and advertising tool. Use it that way!

BY Jaclyn Gallo | People Science Talent Advisor – Sourcing Specialist


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