Emotions Lie – Numbers Don’t

You Can’t Always Trust Your Gut

Intuition can be very powerful. I don’t want to diminish the importance of an instinct that a candidate might not be a great fit. However, I feel a skills-based approach to hiring has a greater impact on the quality of candidate that is hired. Obviously you’d like a good mix of both skills and culture match, but fitting into a company’s environment will typically be easier to accomplish than training a new skill set. [optinlocker]

Utilizing skills based surveys are a great way to get an idea of how much your candidate knows about their particular field. There is no shortage of assessments that can be found online to help guide your decision making. There is also the option to create your own and tailor the questions and task to be specific to your company.

While personality and being a culture fit are important, we can’t undervalue the importance of skill sets. Quantifiable data is something that is tangible and a “gut feeling” is not. Always remember- Emotions lie, numbers don’t.

By Bob McLaughlin | People Science Sr Talent Advisor



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