Are we encouraging high performers?

High performers excel in human skills, something automation can’t duplicate. Seeking organizations that encourage and support their innovation, creativity and natural ability to think outside of the box; to push not just ahead, but to also push back.

If a high performer finds themselves in a space where they feel stifled by hierarchy, bureaucracy or politics, they will still be creative and innovative, until they find the right opportunity/or the right opportunity finds them.

High performers must feel trusted to be creative, that they have the authority and autonomy in their roles, to be respected for looking for and at options. Should they come back to the original option, that’s ok – the creativity in the process helps build innovation within an organization, and that’s what will motivate them.

As an organization, it is critical to look at ourselves; are we encouraging high performers, these creative thought leaders?  Does our culture support this and if so, how? [optinlocker]

As recruiters, it’s just as critical to recognize these traits within candidates.  Can your organization support this?  If so, by all means, talk it up!  Speak to your company’s culture with passion and provide examples of how these factors are supported, even more so, how they are encouraged. This can prove to be equally, if not more valuable to high performers than the details pertaining to the actual position.  High performers are all about the right cultural fit.

The challenge is in looking at how you build a culture and work environment that supports these needs. Trust in their capabilities, respect them for their commitment and expertise, and understand their real-life needs.  If you do, you are on your way to becoming an organization that attracts high performers!

By Susan Ravens | People Science Sr Talent Advisor [/optinlocker]


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