What Do Employees Look for In a Company?

What is it about the environment within companies that employees look for when it comes to a positive outlook?

What do you truly need to be happy every day in your job when arriving to work?

Well for starters- what about the work place environment? It’s easy to show up, but how about building relationships with your fellow colleagues?

Go out of your way, it takes 5 seconds to change someone’s day. Ask how your weekend was? Say good morning and even leave work saying goodnight. Being a team player will not only make you feel accomplished, but can help ease deadlines and stress within the company for other employees. After all you get more bees with honey. [optinlocker]

Sometimes, lighting in the office can make a difference. If you struggle at times with bright lights while interacting via phone, face to face meetings or even on the computer it can be an eyesore, literally.

Ask for alternatives within the company. Not every person is the same, and no one wants to disrupt others around them. Look for guidance from management to change the direction of your chair and computer placement, with approval, even turn off one set of lights if it makes a difference, and helps to focus on projects at hand, that much easier to complete.

Positive balance within the company helps not only you feel a part of a work family, but that you are there to help one another out making it easy to approach when times get tough, especially with stressful situations and time limits. So take that extra leap, and it will pay off.

By Jessica Shields | People Science Processor [/optinlocker]


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