Takes a minute, costs nothing, and makes everyone feel good.

Take a second look at validation through this entertaining clip. We thought it was a great follow up to last month’s article Employee Engagement=Retention. Validation works for everyone, every time. Employees who are acknowledged as valuable are engaged. By our measurements employee engagement has a direct link to an employee’s length of tenure.

Do you remember the last time you were validated professionally?

After this clip, we think you’ll find yourself instantly validating others—we did.

Let us know by leaving a comment—we love to be validated.



  • I LOVED “Validation”! As corny as it may be to the frowners of the world, it made me cry. A wonderful demonstration of how each of us affects those around us. Our influence can be joyful and validating, grumpy and mean or anything in between. Full employee engagement definitely requires leadership willing to invest in and model the Validation approach. Thank you!

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