Summertime in the Office: How to Keep Your Blues at Bay

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The weather outside is gorgeous,  but you’re stuck in the office under the drab, fluorescent lighting, daydreaming of all the other places you would rather be.  To top it off,  your social media feeds are flooded with photos of summer time fun, and your teacher envy is at an all-time high. You may have even contemplated driving straight to the beach and ditching all responsibility for the day. If these are struggles you are familiar with, you could have a common case of the summertime blues. In any profession, staying motivated throughout the summer months can be challenging, but if you follow these tips, you can stay on track and still enjoy the best time of the year.

Set Goals: With all of the distractions bombarding us throughout the day, it is imperative that you set goals to keep on track. This could be as simple as creating a daily task list, or as in depth as planning out your entire month. Setting goals provides your workday with structure that you’re at risk of losing throughout the carefree days of summer.

Take Sunshine Breaks: Staying in the office in the gorgeous weather can be depressing, so get outside!  Unchain yourself from your desk, and go for a walk to soak up some rays, or take a lunchbreak outside with your coworkers. This is an excellent way to reinvigorate yourself, and keep you from burning out before the end of the day.

Come to Work Early: If you can arrange it, consider coming into the office a bit earlier, so you can leave earlier. This is a great way to take advantage of the sunshine before it’s too late, without hindering your productivity for the week.

Inspire Yourself: If your organization experiences a seasonal lull, take advantage of this time to research and further develop your skills. Consider this an investment into your professional development, and use this as an opportunity to challenge yourself. Enhancing your skillset ultimately benefits the workplace, and is an excellent way to stay engaged throughout vacation season.

Staying cooped up in the office all day can be challenging, especially when the sunshine is calling your name and your skin longs for some much needed vitamin D.  Everyone experiences the summertime blues, but it’s what you do to keep yourself motivated that counts. These tips can lead the way to a happy and fulfilled summer, which will be sure to chase your blues away.

By Danielle East | People Science Team Lead


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