New Year, New You: Setting Goals and Sticking to Them

It is important to set goals, and in a New Year, many of us have set resolutions for the year. Whether it was being more healthy, changing spending habits, making changes in the workplace, or starting a new career, it is important to stick to these goals.

In a recent study done by Fox News, it was found that most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by January 12th.

What can you do to create a  resolution and stick to your goal?

  • Think about something you would like to improve in your life- make sure it is big enough to improve your life but manageable so you are not disappointed.
  • Visualize the end result of the goal. What will you achieve and how will this improve your life?
  • Break it down into simple, manageable milestones. Smaller milestones are easier to hit.
  • Find support in reaching your goal- talking to other people can be a big motivator in reaching goals.
  • Create a plan and write it down- sometimes seeing it in writing can help you visualize the goal.

Setting goals is very important, what can you achieve in 2020?

By Melissa Steele | People Science Talent Advisor I


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