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“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”– Colin Powell

Discovering what you want to do in life is, for many people, a life-long pursuit. From the time you graduate college you start asking yourself what career would best suit your interests and skills, but often you choose something different than your instinctual response to that question, either out of necessity or concern for security.  For some, that pursuit may come at even a younger age.

If you aren’t working a job that is aligned with your passion, it is very unlikely that you will feel fulfilled or truly happy with your life.  There is no one perfect job you were meant to do.  There are many “yous” with many passions and many talents and therefore many jobs you could be fulfilled by.  Thinking about what you were born to do gets in the way because you’re too busy waiting for some magical click and not busy enough developing skills.

Think about the activities that you do that give you pleasure and find ways that you can use to find out what really gives you pleasure.  Remember that the more that you enjoy what you’re doing, the less it’s going to seem like work — and the more successful you are going to become.

By Ronald Hardney | People Science Talent Advisor


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