Harnessing the Force: Surprising Star Wars™ Lessons for Effective Recruitment and Retention

Every year on May 4th, fans of the Star Wars franchise come together to celebrate the beloved space saga with the catchphrase, “May the 4th be with you.” While Star Wars has long captured our imaginations with its epic battles, memorable characters, and inspiring storylines, the series offers valuable insights into hiring and talent management.

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Great Myths of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Each recruitment initiative has different challenges and requires a unique solution. One size does not fit all. As Recruitment Process Outsourcing is coming of age we see many varying degrees, many different models, suppliers, expectations and proclamations of success and failure. With so many variables in play, perhaps a good starting point of understanding Recruitment

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The Unemployment Crisis: Thinking beyond Supply and Demand

Our survey reveals extending unemployment benefits affects job recovery

At People Science we speak on average to 4000 job seekers per week. we conducted our own observance survey.

Using three separate positions Sales, Customer Service and Marketing for samples from the time period of February of 2010 through September of 2010, 46 percent of candidates on unemployment informed us they would consider the position if their unemployment was running out.
In fact many suggested they would be very interested but wanted to take some time for themselves. Many others had been looking for sometime but were going to wait and see what opportunities arose while they collected.

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Hiring – Are We There Yet?

All good signs in these very strange hiring times. Ever since the last unemployment figures were announced I have been meaning to take a look at the total employment trends for this year.  My reasoning is twofold. First, at People Science, we have seen a marked increase in hiring interest and actual new hire requisitions.

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How the New Economy Is Changing Your Talent Pool

What I learned last week from 40 other HR leaders I attended the CLO Forum last week in Scottsdale. In addition to the staying in one of the more spectacular resorts in the country, it was a great opportunity for me to discover first hand from more than 40 talent acquisition and learning professionals  their

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New Survey Reveals US Worker Frustration

What would you do if 40% of your workforce quit? I was reading the results of a recent survey conducted by workspace supplier Regus, and thought it was important enough to include in the latest edition of our Talent Acquisition Today newsletter. 15,000 US professionals were interviewed last February and March for the research study,

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Demystifying RPO

Having a solid understanding of RPO is important so you can set the right expectations, better identify the right type or types of RPO providers and effectively choose the right partner(s). Here is a way to define RPO by breaking it into three distinct levels. Please understand that there is no right or wrong answer here, just definition.

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Evaluating Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

5 questions to ask yourself before you outsource an initiative. Imagine that. Did you ever think a RPO company would try to talk anyone out of RPO? But after working through hundreds of outsourcing engagements over the last 14 years, I would rather see you make the right decision upfront and enter into successful RPO

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People Science RPO Blog

Welcome to the new People Science RPO Blog. While People Science is a Recruitment Consulting and Recruitment Process Outsourcing company, this blog will be touching on many subjects from recruitment to employment in general along with other information we feel relevant along the way. The blog will occasionally feature guest bloggers, interviews with professionals from

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