Types of RPO

When it comes to RPO, one size does not fit all

Having provided Recruitment Process Outsourcing services since 1997, we learned that high-touch and highly customized solutions provide the best outcomes.  

Understanding our client’s most pressing needs and long-term objectives for talent acquisition play a crucial part in the design of our partnerships and successful results.    

Enterprise Solutions

Or End to End Recruitment Process Outsourcing

This solution entails the recruitment process outsourcer assuming total responsibility for the recruitment effort or the entire recruiting continuum.

The assumption may include all recruitment for all positions, or it may include a segment or segments of employment. For example, a company may outsource the entire recruiting continuum for all sales positions but retain all other hirings. People Science believes the most effective partnerships begin first with the assumption of a segment of employment.

Augmenting Solutions

Augmenting RPO partners fill the gap of proficiency where an organization is lacking. These services are wide-ranging and providers typically fill a combination of areas such as resume search and initial pre-screens and first round interviews.

Project RPO

Project Recruitment Process Outsourcing occurs when an organization has a pressing need to meet a substantial headcount increase, and typically within a time constraint. Project RPO can include augmentation or end to end services and typically has an expected end date of services. Examples would include the opening of a new call center or the need to increase headcount that is expected to stabilize. For more samples – see case studies.

Provider Specific RPO

Provider Specific RPO involves utilizing a supplier who provides a single specific expertise. Although the provider may be limited in scope of service, processing is a critical component of their services and essential to effective completion of the continuum. Examples of Provider Specific RPO work are outsourcing resume search or background checks.

People Science can assume a portion of a recruitment segment, entire departments, or the company’s complete recruiting department.

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