June 28, 2011


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5 Innovative Ways to Reduce Turnover


It seems like every week a new survey comes out with a shocking statistic about “the talent exodus” and how all of your employees are looking for a new job. What can you do to keep them from leaving your company?
Here are 5 “out of the box” ideas other companies have put in place which reduced their turnover (in one example, only 1 hire left in their 10 years history):
5. Dog-friendly: Companies that allow pets in the workplace see a lower rate of employee absenteeism, more willingness to work longer hours, and an overall more productive environment.
4.  Referral Hiring: When a current employee recommends a friend for a job at your company, it might be less for the cash bonus and more for the “bonus” of working with someone they like.  It’s more likely that the hire will fit in with your company culture and stay with the company for the long run.

Remote Recruiting


At People Science we are always looking for new ways to enhance our work environment and offer employees creative benefits.  So it is hard to believe that working remotely was not a benefit that we offered years ago.  Our thought process was that we do have contractors that work remotely but because we attribute much of our success and company culture to the true team environment…


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