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Talent Acquisition Technology

People Science has a long history of working within our clients’ HRIS and ATS.  And as part of our Enterprise RPO solutions, we continuously review and pilot new technologies.  The result is that we have created a massive list of HR tech.  Having the right technology at the right time is crucial, while simultaneously a considerable undertaking – and a HUGE advantage to our clients. 

Additionally, we have learned first-hand why so many Recruiters hate their ATS.

The ATS is there to manage Applicants, which they do, but none capture everything that Recruiters do, and most don’t have a candidate relationship management tool.  This leaves the users (Recruiters) wanting more!

That’s why we created Hiregate.  Hiregate augments the ATS, supplies the data and reporting most ATS do not, allows you to track and store your candidate sourcing, and……you do not have to replace your ATS.

We’d love to hear about your technology wants and are good at sharing what we’ve learned!

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