Talent Acquisition Advisory

In the new world of work, finding, engaging, and hiring the best talent is crucial to all organizations.

At the same time, the scarcity of talent for most employment sectors, combined with the myriad of places to search for candidates and quickly evolving recruiting technologies, have complicated the hiring process for virtually all employers.

At the same time, job openings continue to rise, hiring managers keep demanding immediate results, and internal teams are stretched thin.

It’s time to work on Talent Acquisition as well as in Talent Acquisition.

Our Talent Advisory services do just that.

Based on the Recruiting Continuum, People Science helps solve the need for talent today, while creating long term but flexible solutions for clients in all industries and of all sizes.

Process-Driven Analysis and Design

Our Talent Acquisition Advisory capabilities are based on People Science’s proprietary Recruiting Continuum. This time-tested business discipline identifies each segment of the recruitment process. It measures effectiveness across 8 different categories, enabling us to identify and address challenges and provide solutions to assist our clients in building and maintaining intended results.

The Recruiting Continuum

Recruiting Continuum

The People Science Advisory Advantage

Our Advisory clients benefit from the insights and shared best practices that we discover from our RPO work.

We are experienced Talent Acquisition practitioners, not simply armchair analysts. Because our solutions also include recruitment process outsourcing, people science advisors have a front-row seat and hands-on experience with what transpires in the recruiting world and in the industries we serve. Based on these experiences, we can integrate proven Talent Acquisition strategies and apply lessons learned from our RPO work.

Starting Where You Are

Whether you are creating or redesigning your Recruiting Strategy (the entire Recruiting Continuum) or need assistance addressing any part of your recruiting function and its components, the People Science Advisory Team will meet you where you are and tailor our work to address your mission.

Advisory Point Services

Defining Positions

Position Value to the Business
Role Definition
All Stakeholders Input of attributes
Creation of Job Description
Creation of Advertising Plan
Creation of Sourcing Plan
Scripts for Recruiters
Interview Guides

Candidate Attraction

Determine Target Candidate markets
Determine Advertising Effectiveness
Execute Advertising
Test and Probe Messaging
Track Engagement Results
Monitor, Adjust, Monitor, Adjust…

Candidate Sourcing

Examine Current State
Creating Sourcing Strategies for Each Position
Assure Messaging is Effective
Determine Best Sourcing Tools and Methods
Examine current Sourcing Talent
Establish Sourcing Activity Goals

Applicant & Candidate Engagement

Evaluate Current Engagement Levels and Strategies
Determine Target Hire Traits
Determine Commonalities of Positions to Candidate’s Interest
Match the Commonalities
Create Test and Probe Messaging
Locate Best Sourcing Channels and Methods to Engagement


Gather and Evaluate
Fit of Incoming
From All Sources:
-Sourced Results
Compare Applicant Quality from All Incoming Sources
Make Recommendations to Reduce Incoming of Non-Qualified While Increasing Qualified Candidates
Examine the Screening Process for Bias, Overall Effectiveness


Create Assessment Criteria:
-Interview Guides
-Featured Attributes
-Former Successful Hires
Set Interview Strategy:
-What Tools
Review Grades as a Whole
Interview Training
Bias in the Interview Training


Observe Offer Process
Make Recommendations of Offer Process for all Stakeholders
Examine the Talent in the Offer Process
Train all Stakeholders on their role In the Offer Process


Create and Execute surveys of the Onboarding Process
Determining Challenges
Create Highly Effective and Inclusive Onboarding Experiences

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Having a well-planned talent acquisition strategy executed by the right recruiting talent is the solution to hiring the best talent, now and for the years ahead. 

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