Improving Customer Service through Recruitment Process Engineering

A Growing Telecommunications Company Outsourcing to Off Shore Call Centers Saves Dollars But Results in Too Few First Call Resolutions and Depreciation of Customer Service Satisfaction


The Company is saving more than 300% of cost by sending over 2000 call center seats offshore to multiple companies and countries. However, first call resolutions in many offshore locations is less than 40%. Customer surveys reveal repeated frustrations with communications of offshore vendors leading to further ignition of their frustrations and causing increase in customer dissatisfaction. Repeated attempts of increased training of the offshore personnel and the assignment of company agents to offshore locations do little to reduce service issues. The Company must retain the significant cost savings of offshoring while increasing the first call resolutions and increasing customer satisfaction.


Create a candidate screening process that emulates the Company’s very successful onshore screening process and utilize it to evaluate offshore vendor’s employees.

Action Plan and Processing:

  • Customize the candidate profile for offshore agents.
  • Customize the screening process for offshore agent candidates.
  • Establish a relationship with the offshore vendor’s management team.
  • Introduce the screening process and protocols of the screening process.
  • People Science recruiters armed with first-hand knowledge of the onshore call center qualifiers and disqualifiers, conduct live telephone interviews of offshore supplier’s agents.
  • Provide detailed reports and recommendations of findings.
  • Recommend incentive program for offshore vendors to assure a higher caliber of agent is assigned to clients’ project.
  • Prepare and activate future screening processes.