The Power of People

The Power of People

Transforming Recruitment for a Legacy Energy Company

Transforming: Creating more Success from Past Successes

As a mid-size, well established Power and Gas company, our client had a long history of being considered a premier local employer whom easily attracted candidates and readily made new hires. Their stellar reputation in their servicing communities combined with their many successes of the diversification of services, placed them on a growth path with a focus on making acquisitions.

The Challenges

The company, being mindful of the rapid changes occurring in Human Resources and the increased in competitiveness within their recruiting market, engaged People Science to review their current state of Talent Acquisition, make recommendations to streamline all processes, and provide them with a road map to create high a functioning department. 

The plan had to assure:

  • No disruption occurred with the client’s union relationships but rather the plan should enhance the relationship, and thereby encourage the union to provide the best candidates available for hire
  • Millennial candidates were learning about the company and engaging as future hires
  • Referral candidates were processed quickly and tracked early in the process
  • The newly acquired company’s high volume Customer Service positions were being supplied high caliber professionals, many bi-lingual, and all must pass an extensive assessment and background program
  • Complete documentation of each step of the process, as well as documentation and training on the usage of the Workday ATS  

As our work together evolved, it was clear that in order for the legacy company to increase the efficiencies and meet business demands, new and diverse recruitment talent and recruitment leadership was needed.  At the same time, the company was quickly moving towards the full assumption of the recruitment needs of the company they were acquiring.  Essentially, this equated to doubling the amount of employees, doubling their recruitment needs and doubling the expectations of their internal clients.

Transforming Recruitment for a Legacy

The Solution

Time being a critical factor, the company requested People Science assemble a team to assure the talent acquisition road map and plan were well executed; and to provide recruitment support while they assimilated the new company.

Within one month of the request, People Science created a well-balanced Recruiting team including Processors, Sourcers, Interviewers, Hiring Manager service agents, and Client Service Managers.  Some of the team worked onsite at client facilities, others worked from People Science offices.

While results continue to ensue, by all accounts the People Science team was able to implement the new plan and results include:

  • Assured the newly acquired company stakeholders were responded to within two hours of each request 
  • Shorten time to find and time to fill
  • 100% fill rates for all customer service classes
  • Fully incorporating diversity into all recruiting initiatives
  • Engaging new candidates and millennial candidates through regular marketing
  • Union relationship stability and partnership growth
  • Complete documentation and education of all processes and training manuals for Workday ATS users including Hiring Manager’s role within Workday
  • Orchestrating the sharing of recruitment “Best Practices” between the legacy company and the newly acquired company

Surpassing Expectations….

Today, this 100 plus years old company is operating 2019 recruitment practices that are certain to put them ahead of their recruiting competition and place them in the lead of new solutions in creating and supplying today’s energy.

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