Reduce Turnover Rates of a Rapidly Growing B2C Company

A Rapidly Growing B2C Company Needed to Quadruple Their Call Center and Reduce Turnover Rates

A rapidly growing company B2C Company needed to quadruple its call center and reduce turnover rates.

A newly relocated B2C company was adding subscribers at the rate of 280,000 per month. The company called for the establishment of a state-of-the-art Call Center hub. This hub comprised of 3,700 employees both technical and non-technical. While the company needed to quadruple its call center employees they needed to drastically reduce turnover rates.  

This hub would act as the role model and last resolve station for more than 2,500 offshore call center seats. The company targeted to present its IPO within 5 months of our contract start. The company has contracted the staffing of this call center to two different large RPO’s and a myriad of temporary staffing companies. 

The result was 780 hires and a turnover rate of more than 98%.  

Most management is skeptical of talent availability and has little faith in any recruiting process. The company expected within one year to hire 5,000 call center employees and reduce turnover to 30%. 


A complete recruiting infrastructure must be created that is flexible to changing needs, yet provides continuity for hiring protocols.  

Management and Training must become trusted allies, educated about the value of their roles in reducing turnover, and well involved in the creation of job specifications. 

In order to meet objectives, every process must be accelerated to accommodate the urgent need of hiring on average 416 employees per month. 

A comprehensive must be strategized to plan to scale quickly when sales spike suddenly. 

Action Plan and Process

Create a high functioning recruitment plan according to the Recruiting Continuum that provides for quick hiring while enhancing all processes to assure a reduced new hire turnover rate. 

The Recruiting Continuum

Highlights of Partnership 

Work closely with management to assist in creating the profile of the new Call Center employees’ objectives and mission.
Monitor recruiting progress towards targets in order to adjust advertising for incoming and create and execute candidate sourcing to assure full pipelines.
Create a Call Center specific Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that mimics the company’s values but also focuses on the Call Center as a whole.
Create and implement streamlined employment offering and overall candidate management.
Create or revise job descriptions, position key elements, and key element interview guides.
Establish measures for hiring predictions including fall out rates expected.
Create thorough screening processes.
Gain the trust of Training Department and Floor Management.
Review and recommend the most effective candidate assessments.
Meet weekly with key contacts.
Provide the Business with Quarterly Reviews of Progress, share and gain collective insights


Call Center was fully staffed year one at an expected headcount of 5,200 surpassing expectations.

New Hire Turnover began reducing at month 2, by year’s end turnover was
below 46%, and at year two Call Center turnover was at 32%.

Expanded the screening process to include clients Offshore Call Center Partners.

Customer Service Satisfaction ratings increased by 43%.

The company developed a well-organized, scalable, trusted talent acquisition department.

In house talent acquisition staff along with People Science worked closely together in solving business concerns.