Hiring Manager Trust = Recruiter Success

A common challenge in recruiting is the disconnect between Hiring Managers and Recruiters. Although the reasons for disconnects vary, the most common denominator in turning a Business Partner into an ally is Recruiting’s ability to build Trust.  And the common denominators in building trust are the commitment of Recruiting to establish a relationship, organized and well-executed processes, and perhaps the most crucial part of the mix, DATA.  

For Hiring Managers, frustrations including time to fill, interviews that are a no match, and pressures to get interviews on their calendar, all while they are often covering the open positions, can easily equate to finger pointing.  Making it easy for them to assume Recruiting just is not getting it right.

However, when you have data that supports your work such as showing pipelines of targeted candidates, the skill set of candidates and their availability in the market, competitors’ recruiting information, and salary comparisons, you are well on your way to having meaningful conversations that lead to long-term meaningful hiring success.

You can learn more about the benefits of collecting and utilizing recruiting data throughout the talent acquisition cycle as noted in all our case studies and validated even further by our clients’ insights.