Keeping the Critical Points in the Forefront

Recruit – Match – Measure

People Science’s success has come as a result of our continuous focus on achieving our customer’s objectives. As complex as recruiting has become, reaching optimum efficiency results in better hires, longer retention rates, significant cost reduction and many other advantages.


verb: to secure the services of ENGAGE

Identify the candidate

Knowing who your best candidate is creates the foundation for an effective recruitment plan. At People Science, we learn your company’s ideals and unique requirements and work closely with you to determine what type of candidate and talents fit your needs.

Create a customized “attraction plan”

Recruiting has become a sophisticated endeavor. Technology, especially the Internet, has created a vast recruiting ground that provides options never before available to both companies and candidates. At the same time, many employment sectors are experiencing talent shortages. People Science assists companies by creating a customized plan that is flexible, measurable and optimizes the usage of the most effective resources.

Maximize Execution

Recruiting is about people. Candidates choose their next position based not only on personal and financial gains, but on the way they feel. Much of People Science’s success has been built on this understanding. By assigning a team of professionals who are passionate about our clients’ opportunities and dedicated to meeting the recruitment objectives, we deliver a competitive recruiting edge in attaining the best possible new hires.


noun: a person or thing equal or similar to another

Establish the Best Qualifiers

The creation of effective screening qualifiers is key to identifying and attaining top talent. Qualifying volumes of candidates can be a daunting and seemingly endless task. People Science brings a plethora of experience in designing, evaluating and performing the applicant screening processes either in part or full, from the candidate’s first inquiry through to the final interview.

Targeting 1:1 Interview Ratios

For each qualified candidate presented to our client, it is the goal of People Science to create a good match. This 1:1 ratio results from carefully understanding the company’s needs and expectations and including this knowledge in every step of the interview process Whether we are augmenting the interview process in areas such as pre-screening and 2nd interviews, or fulfilling the complete cycle from candidate origination to final offers, the target of 1:1 interview ratios is always our goal.

Assure a Positive “Candidate Experience”

A candidate’s first interaction with a prospective employer is the impression that lasts a lifetime. Creating this positive candidate experience confirms the company’s employment brand. Sending a candidate to the proverbial “black hole” of resumes does little to assure them of good intentions. People Science picks up where ATS systems and over-taxed recruitment departments fall short and addresses each candidate personally. Whether the candidate will be moving on in the screening process or opting out, we provide personalized attention that combats negative sentiments and fends off feelings of unfair treatment. People Science’s proactive interaction with the individual promotes our clients’ policies as Equal Opportunity Employers.


verb /a: to choose or control with cautious restraint /b: to regulate by a standard

Quantify the Market

How likely are you to find a specific amount of candidates and in what time frame? How many candidates will you need to attract overall and how many of those will pass the initial screen? Furthermore, how many will remove themselves from the screening process and when? As recruiting has become more and more sophisticated it is critical to understand your market by measuring each key factor of recruitment. People Science performs market analysis before and during recruitment to assure we are in touch and on top of where the talent is and how to best attract them.

Assess Each Step in Real-Time

People Science proprietary information systems allow our team to review in real time what is happening within the entire recruiting, screening, interviewing, and on-boarding activities and results. Being in real time means we are best able to judge the effectiveness of events and make adjustments as needed.

Customized Information Systems and Reporting

Although many reports of RPO are common among companies many are not. Further, the means by which data is supplied around recruiting is unique to each organization and often different divisions within the organization. People Science has created scalable, flexible and highly customizable information gathering and report systems that allow us to compliment our client’s current systems. As a single point provider of recruitment process outsourcing since 1997, our systems are created specifically for RPO; therefore, our work is not encumbered by our IS system, rather our IS systems flex for our work.