People Science Filling the Gaps

An overview of our ability to fill the gaps for optimum efficiency

Define and Attract

  • Assure clear expectation of types of hire
  • Effectiveness or presence of employment branding
  • Document an advertising plan
  • Measurement and monitoring of recruiting vehicles
  • Test employment website


  • Document a recruitment plan
  • Assume all recruiting activities or supplement clients
  • Tracking of recruiting results
  • Acts as owner of outside recruitment vendors as needed

Candidate Processing

  • Streamline each process
  • Maintain all processing in real time
  • Reduce time to hire
  • Assure a positive candidate experience
  • Review and readjusted processing
  • Assure the connection of your ATS to ours or supply the ATS systems needed


  • Create individual and unique interview strategies for each position
  • Conduct all segments or a portion of interviews
  • Assure quickest first touch to interview time
  • Organization of interviews and methodologies
  • Reduce cost of interview time


  • Provide detailed and customized reports such as:
  • Cost of hire
  • Best recruiting vehicles
  • Vendor spend
  • Candidate decline amounts and reasons
  • Competing companies and compensations


  • Consistent interface with HR partners
  • Reporting of recruitment findings to hiring managers
  • Cost of recruiting supplied to finance
  • Communications between Hiring Managers and recruitment
  • Shared expectation of new candidate availability