Connecting with the Connected Generation

Connecting with the Connected Generation

The Connected Generation —those entering the workforce who were born after 1990, are coming of age. They have been raised in a world that has always contained the Internet. They use social media and mobile technology as a common part of their everyday life.  In fact, Connectors spend most of their waking (and sleeping) life online and feel disconnected if their mobile device or some way to access the internet is not available.  “If I don’t have it, I feel cut off,” (MSNBC).

The connected generation expects more freedom and flexibility and in return will use original ideas to advance their profession. Flex time is a way of life for these workers. For the Connected Generation, being constantly available is something they’ve grown up with. Transitioning from “always available” to “always available to work” will be less of an issue. Consequently the expectation is that companies that define clear objectives and employ Results Only Work Environments will be greatly valued by this generation.

As a result of these findings, Roman Friedrich, Michael Peterson, Alex Koster and Sebastian Blum of booz&co produced a study examining several likely predictions for the coming years:

  • Flex time: Due to the blending of personal and work time, over 50% of the labor force will be flexible in some way
  • Telecommunications: Broadband connectivity will be available everywhere and seamless
  • Cloud Services: Data storage, SAAS and other cloud based services will be commonplace
  • Business Travel: Will be replaced with virtual events and video conferencing
  • Privacy: The risks outweigh benefits of forfeiting personal data for Gen C

The impact of the Connectors expectations and characteristics like the Gen X and Ys will have another significant impact on recruiting top talent.  Companies poised to gain their respect and attention will create a hefty competitive edge.

In the upcoming June issue of our Talent Acquisition Today report we will examine what we’ve observed and what you can expect to see as you prepare for connecting to the new Connectors

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