Founder’s Note

When I founded People Science, I thought we would become a staffing franchise organization.

That thought changed rapidly as our first clients were more interested in having us solve their recruiting challenges than have us “just fill” positions. There was a very big need and our successes came quickly.

Driving dramatic outcomes by helping companies get better at how they acquire talent became our main focus and remains at the forefront of everything we do. Today it is a clear differentiator of who we are in the Talent Acquisition world and the reason we chose our tagline “We Make Talent Acquisition Better”. Whether we are managing some or all of a company’s hires, helping them determine how to build a high functioning talent team, or making or managing contingent placements, we are always looking and finding ways to improve how we and our clients work.

People Science’s staff is a combination of highly skilled and accomplished recruiters and talented natural processing experts. All are accomplished “thinkers and doers.” Our team’s talents give us the creative edge and ideas that have led to our many success stories. In the end, recruiting is about people. Our information systems, processes, and methodologies give us the firm foundation to provide exceptional services and outcomes, but it’s our people and their human talents and abilities that determine the quality of work and success of our partnerships.

If you are struggling for recruiting solutions, we welcome your inquiry and offer this food for thought:

We are currently in the midst of the most sophisticated and difficult to maneuver recruiting market in history. Recruiting has become a balancing act. The science of the act of recruitment tells us that a methodology of recruiting occurs with each hire. Those who understand the methodology take a pro-active stance, balance the activities needed, monitor and adjust their performance, and have the best chances of hiring and retaining the best available talent.

This is an exciting time to be in the recruiting field. I personally welcome your inquiries and comments.

Christine Nichlos
[email protected]