Cost of Vacancy Calculator Example

Position Cost of Vacancy Calculator

Cost of Vacancy Calculator

The Tool to build your ROI, and so much more.

What if you could have the exact cost your organization incurs each day a position is vacant at your fingertips?

This data, known as the Cost of Vacancy, allows you to better strategize organizational changes such as staffing up or down, know when is best to Outsource or Insource Talent, workforce plan, as well as increase Talent Acquisition’s creditability.

Try our Cost of Vacancy calculator for yourself; or consider engaging People Science to assist you in the discovery process. All data remains private.

To complete the calculator, you will need all the revenue the position is tied to and all the costs tied to the position by years one, two, and three.

Before receiving the calculation, you will be asked to share your contact information.

We do not track your usage or data within the calculator as we consider this your private information.

If you have not done a cost of vacancy analysis before, we highly recommend you consider engaging People Science to assist you in the discovery process.     

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Cost of Vacancy Calculator Example
Results Example

Position's Profit to the Organization

This is calculated based on the amount of revenue generated from each position.

For the sample featured, Customer Service, the factors we used to determine revenue were:

  • The revenue gained by the retention of a customer
  • The revenue generated by one new customer
  • The amount of upsell per customer

You can use whatever revenue points are generated by your specific position.

Retention of a customerProfit from each customer multiplied by average amount of retained customers divided by the amount of employees in this position
Profit - $60 per customer, multiplied by avg amount of retained customers 6,000, divided by amount of employees in CS position 200
New CustomersAs a result of customers’ referrals. Total new customers gained by referrals, divided by the amount of employees who can influence the customer experience
New Customers from referrals 2,000, divided by 200 CS employees
Loss of Upsells (if applicable)Determined as the average upsell amount in the position divided by the amount of employees in the position
Upsell per CS Representative is a 10 week average upsell profit of $38.00

Cost Per Employee

LoadsI.E., taxes, insurances, PTO (typically as a percentage of salary).
New Hire Training4 weeks training period, salary of hire, & training of staff spread over 12 months
Cost to RecruitIncluding advertising, hours for interviews, administration of recruiting process. You can use cost per hire if available.
General and Administrative CostsThese costs include the normal cost to the organization for the position outside of those listed separately.
For example, the shared cost to have information technology support, the shared cost for computers, and any other line-item costs that are included separately.

Internal Coverage

Internal Staff Cost to CoverCurrent staff salary, overtime (salary * percentage of salary)

External Coverage

External Support Cost to CoverTemp and contract workers (salary * percentage of salary)


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