National Sales Professional team in a Downturned Housing Market

National New Home Builder Seeks a Cost Efficient Means to

Recruit Sales People in a Downturned Housing Market

A national home builder must add highly skilled sales people to housing developments around the United States in order to assure the developments are well represented to potential new home buyers. At the same time, Human Resources must cut budget and staff substantially and provide new avenues of cost savings as the housing market is expected to experience a very slow recovery.

A thorough review of current methodologies of the company’s recruitment processing uncovers their internal recruiting team’s core strengths. By outsourcing non-core strengths the company can reduce local markets recruiting spend and reduce in-house recruiting headcount by 38%.

  • The best candidates will be passive candidates who currently hold similar positions with the company’s competitors.
  • Since the housing economy is in a stall, each potential applicant must be well presented with the advantages of joining the company and leaving their current employer.

Action Plan and Processes:

  • Learn individual market procedures and expectations of new hires.
  • Provide direct hiring services in each market to reduce ad cost and create a fuller pipeline of referrals.
  • Build a database of contacts for ongoing recruitment initiatives directed at passive seekers.
  • Establish company’s recruiting identity and create a full scale recruiting campaign.
  • Perform weekly meetings to review process and keep Managers and HR directed to the effort.
  • Demonstrate the necessity to streamline processes or lose passive job seekers.